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Let us start with your budget, hear your vision, develop an understanding of your requirements, and together, we can build your dream home.

Embrace new efficient technology

Greg Dickey Construct utilizes progressive building methods and innovative design methodologies to guarantee your investment is durable, practical and visually appealing. When we build, we use only proven construction methods and quality materials sourced and guaranteed by us.

Builder Tauranga New Renovation
Builder Tauranga New Renovation


Reflect your personal requirements

We take a genuine interest in our client’s individuality and work with experience to successfully integrate this into each “dream build”. This ensures the end product is a reflection of our clients and that it works cohesively with their lifestyle requirements and personal character.



Get the best trades on your team

We work in conjunction with only the best sub-contractors which we have sourced and personally guarantee to ensure our clients are provided with the highest quality end product. Our subbies are forward thinking, likeminded precisionists who share the same vision of excellence and commitment to quality craftsmanship.


Integrate design elements

We understand that as trends come and go, a dream home requires the substance to be able to integrate design and individuality, not only for longevity, but for your own personal gratification.


Be smarter with your budget

We are passionate about what we do, we are forward thinking and we are living a vision created in 2018 which was to offer something more substantial and long-lasting to the building industry. This, however, does not equate to a more expensive building operation. We are competitive and this is important to us. We believe good design does not have to correspond with excessive expense just as excessive expense does not always correspond with good design.

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