Renovate your kitchen with GD Construct

A kitchen is the heart of your home!

The kitchen is where the family gathers to eat a casual meal, the kids do their homework, devices get charged and is often the centre of the action when you’re entertaining. A well-planned, quality kitchen renovation will add design appeal and make your daily meal prep easier.

Plus, if you’re thinking of selling, a beautiful, modern kitchen will attract buyers and add value.There’s a lot to consider when planning your kitchen renovation. We recommend getting advice from a professional kitchen designer early on in the planning stage. They can ensure your new kitchen not only has the look you want, but also functions well. Most quality kitchen companies have a designer who can work within your budget to bring your ideas to life.

Choosing your new kitchen layout

The layout of your new kitchen will impact how you cook, clean and even socialise in the space. Most designers recommend placing the cooktop, fridge and sink at the three points of a triangle for an efficient workspace.

Tauranga Builder New Kitchens
Tauranga Builder New Kitchens
Tauranga Builder New Kitchens
Tauranga Builder New Kitchens

Galley kitchen

Single row kitchen

A galley kitchen has two rows of cabinets along parallel walls.

For a modern version of the galley, replace one wall of units with a long island to open up the room. By placing the sink opposite the cooktop and fridge, you’ll create a great working triangle. This layout can be a tight squeeze if the walkway between the rows of cabinets is too narrow, so make sure to allow at least 1.2m.

Optimise your space and storage on one wall.

This layout has all the appliances and cabinetry running along a single wall and is a popular choice for smaller homes, apartments and the family bach. Make sure to include full-length cabinets and wide drawers to optimise your storage. If space allows, you might want to add an island for more storage and bench space.

Tauranga Builder New Kitchens
Tauranga Builder New Kitchens
Tauranga Builder New Kitchens
Tauranga Builder New Kitchens

U-shaped kitchen

L-shape kitchen

So many options when you have three walls

This layout places appliances and cabinetry around three walls, giving plenty of bench space and storage. Alternatively, one side of units can be used to create a peninsula between the kitchen and dining area in an open-plan space. You’ll have two sets of corner cabinets, so make sure to use a solution to give good storage access.

If you like open spaces and entertaining, you’ll love this layout!

The appliances and cabinets are placed along right-angled walls. If you have enough room you can also add an island or perhaps a dining table. Create an efficient working triangle by placing the fridge and sink on one wall, with your cooktop on the other. Have wall cabinets on just one side of the L so you don’t close the space in. Corner cabinets are notoriously difficult to access, so choose one of the many solutions available to give you lots of usable storage.